Pricing Plans


Track and communicate in real time

Free for first 10 vehicles,
$10/month per vehicle after

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  • Create and manage your own routes
  • Communicate your vehicle’s location to customers
  • Send automatic notifications when you get close
  • Post route messages

    Cancellations, delays or anything you choose, posted on the day of the trip
  • Multiple options for marking stops

    Allow drivers to mark stops complete or log the arrivals with geofences for hands-free operation
  • Count passengers on and off

    Keep a tally of who boards and disembarks, updated at each stop
  • Report on trips

    actual arrival and departures
  • Send non-recurring trip notifications

    Requires the user to opt-in on each trip to receive messaging
  • May include ad content

    We are not currently advertising via the app, but may choose to in the future


Automate customer service

$50/month per vehicle

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  • Everything in starter, plus…
  • Generate ETA’s automatically with traffic data

    Calculates arrival based on real time traffic estimates and route rules you set
  • Hide vehicle locations while still providing an ETA
  • Vary schedules according to the days of the week
  • Set weekend and holiday schedules

    No need to manually change routes
  • Provide automatic recurring notifications

    Set rules that generate alerts, such as advising the customer a bus is running late when it fails to reach a certain point by a certain time
  • Hide advertising


Passenger check in and workflows

$150/month per vehicle

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  • Everything in starter & silver, plus…
  • Full passenger tracking capabilities
  • Let parents opt-in and opt-out via app

    If a student will be absent, a parent can remove them from the route
  • Create custom surveys to collect data from drivers

    questionnaires which your drivers can fill out before or after a trip, giving you the information you need to improve your operation.
  • Reach customers with enhanced notification options
  • Automate the ridership process

    Riders can sign up for a route using the app
  • Share trip information internally

    Keep your workforce in the loop too. For example, notify teachers how many students are attending that day.
  • Post your own ads to your users

Looking for Something Custom?

PingARing is designed to easily adapt to the needs of any fleet operation, but if you need customization for your particular environment, we’re glad to help. Let us share our Three No’s Policy with you:

No limits.
We’ll do whatever you need done to make your customers into your biggest fans.
No job too large.
Whether it’s the size of the fleet or the size of the customization project, we’ll bring the necessary resources.
No problem with custom integrations.
If you want PingARing integrated with your current fleet management software or to communicate with other enterprise systems, we’ll make sure they get along like old friends.

Ready to make your organization more efficient by working with your customers more effectively? Contact one of our business analysts today to find a solution that fits your enterprise.

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