how it started

You might say PingAring began at The Cosmopolitan on the Las Vegas Strip. In 2014, AT&T held the Code for Car and Home Hackathon, a competition involving over 200 developers on 47 teams. Their task? Develop fully functional apps for home automation or internet connected vehicles, and do so within 24 hours.

The current PingARing partners were there as the core of a development team. Their app and supporting website was called Geotrack Ringback, and allowed drivers to build a trip plan on any Windows device. Then, during the trip, the driver’s location was tracked via the GPS on their phone. If the driver’s phone received a call during the trip, the caller would hear a message advising them of the vehicle’s location and the time to reach the next destination in the trip plan.

This not only allowed drivers to keep family, customers and coworkers in the loop, they could do so hands-free. In other words, distraction-free customer communication.

So how did Geotrack Ringback do? It won four awards, including first place for the Connected Car Challenge and Best Microsoft Mobile App.

A simple concept: Plan a route, then let others know what’s going on with the car on the route. From that seed grew the vision of an app that would allow businesses and school districts to directly connect their fleet with their customers, and do so on the best terms for both.

Opportunities for Growth

In every business, the customer is the boss, and improving their experience is a simple way to upgrade the whole enterprise. PingARing gives fleet operators an easy, customizable way to do that. It meets the most common need of the transportation end-user: It simply lets people know when the vehicle’s going to get there. This simple change can give a customer peace of mind, save them time and win them as a fan. That makes PingARing a compelling addition to fleet operations of any size. And a compelling product makes an ideal investment.

We’re seeking businesses and investors who can assist us with moving PingARing to a higher level. If you’d like to be part of that story, or just learn more, contact us here. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our Team

Dave Nespoli

Dave is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. He then took an opportunity to spend two years lecturing at the University of Helsinki and biking around Europe. When he got tired of flat tires, he settled in Denver and worked for Quark for five years, managing the technical direction of their flagship product. He left Quark to try a few of his own ideas in the early stages of the Dotcom Boom (and ride his bike some more), before founding his own software development company. In 2014, he was part of the team that developed Geotrack Ringback for the AT&T Code for Car and Home Hackathon in Las Vegas, which evolved into PingARing.

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Shane Neuville

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Rafal Szczyrba

Rafal’s extensive software development experience has included writing software to simulate traumatic brain injuries and leading projects for MapQuest, The RAND Corporation and the United States Air Force. He enjoys scuba diving and guides other divers on shark tank dives at Denver’s Downtown Aquarium.

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